Recent workshop feedback comments

Everyone in my class found the training really valuable – it gave us a really good insight into the pupils’ behaviours

It made me stop and realise what is going through [my student’s] mind when he is doing things.


I was blown away by the insight it gave me.


Totally relevant, intelligent and entertaining presentation. Please can we get her back?


Opened my mind to behaviour and how to look at behaviour differently.


Highly relevant to all the students we teach.


Has helped us to identify children who have potential SI issues

Great paced speaker, very easy to listen to

Could have listened all day – whole audience were engaged and motivated

Gave ideas of possible reasons behind behaviours for children with PMLD - very useful

Whole team are buzzing

Got everyone talking about ‘behaviours’ and talking about possible reasons for them

Suggestions for activities to do were really valuable

Very valuable and informative training

Brought to mind students who we hadn’t necessarily thought of as having sensory behaviours and also highlighted those who already have adaptations to their timetable to take account of their sensory needs

Prompted lots of discussions about how we can improve our practice and observations

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