#SLT2B - Virtual Clinical Experience

for pre-registration Speech and Language Therapists

During the current pandemic, student Speech and Language Therapists in the UK will have reduced access to clinical placements which give them "real world" clinical experience.  The Universities are doing a terrific job in finding creative alternative ways to achieve their clinical hours.  As practicing Speech and Language Therapists in all areas of practice, we can help and support our future colleagues at this unsettling time.  

The #SLT2B project is a regular online slot for current pre-registration/student SLTs to meet and learn from experienced clinicians.  The project is free, relying on the generosity of clinicians to donate their time and knowledge.  We will be running the sessions on Zoom, and you will need to sign up to join in live (maximum of 100 participants).

We'll be organising the content into 4 different strands so that you can sign up to take part in calls which meet your learning needs best.  

1 – Getting to grips with Assessment
Demonstrations and tips for administering and scoring different assessments.  Case studies and clinical reasoning around interpretation of assessment data. 


If you want to understand more about the "how to"s of assessment, this is the strand for you.

2 – Intervention planning
Moving from assessment into intervention - where to start, what to do and how to do it.  Demonstrations of different techniques and resources.  Case studies and clinical reasoning around intervention priorities, goal setting and outcome measurement.

3 – SLT for different clinical populations
Top tips and insider information about working with different client groups and in different settings.  Case studies around simple and complex clinical presentations.

4 – The Sharp End
An overview of the the bits and pieces that aren't in the lectures. Managing and prioritising a caseload, managing the paperwork, building relationships with key stakeholders.  What you'll be expected to do in different clinical settings and teams.

This is still very much in evolution!  Use the Contact Me button below if you want to see something different or additional in this project.

At this point, the presentations won't constitute formal clinical practice hours, but I encourage course leaders to contact me to explore this in the coming months.

Students - are you in?

Sign up below for regular updates about scheduled sessions as they are organised.  When you are signed up, you can also join the closed Facebook group.

Clinicians - can you help?

Sign up below to register your interest in helping with this project and for more information about what is entailed.  I'll be in touch as soon as I can!

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