Summer 2020

We are running all of our workshops and webinars online for the duration of the lockdown.

We have been designing and running online courses for years - ahead of the curve! - and we are confident you'll find them just as engaging and effective as our live sessions.

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Sensory Integration and processing challenges impact many of the clients that Speech and Language Therapists support. We may have heard the terminology, but be unclear about what Sensory Integration looks like for a Speech and Language Therapist, and where the boundaries of our role are with this approach.


This half-day online workshop gives you a thorough grounding in understanding of the sensory systems in relation to core speech, language and communication needs. You'll come away with from the workshop with practical strategies to support clients with SI difficulties in your SLT sessions and at home.

CRISPS for dinner

A live, online workshop for parents at their wits' end

Life's too short to battle over broccoli.  Join the UK's leading Sensory Integration Speech and Language Therapist and learn how to use simple and straightforward Sensory Strategies to get from picky eating to family mealtimes.

The course is suitable for families who have a child who will only eat a very limited range of foods. It is not suitable for children who have a physical difficulty with swallowing (dysphagia) or for those who are fed by a nasal tube or a PEG tube.

  • The reasons why children might refuse to eat all but a few favoured foods are complex. Part of the reason might be underlying Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing difficulties.

  • Having a child who rejects different foods for seemingly no reason can be a huge source of worry to families, and support for underlying sensory issues around food can be limited. Using simple, straightforward Sensory Strategies you can put in place straight away can help you to start the shift towards happier, healthier mealtimes.

  • In this workshop, you will get to grips with this tried-and-tested six step system, delivered by the UK's leading Sensory Integration Speech and Language Therapist - all the good stuff, none of the waffle.

CALM at bedtime

A live, online workshop to help you reclaim your evenings

Nothing saps your spirits like exhaustion. This workshop introduces simple, tried-and-tested Sensory Strategies to help you get your child ready to sleep, so that you can finally have some down time too.


Get to grips with this four step system, delivered by the UK's leading Sensory Integration Speech and Language Therapist.

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