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Sensory Integration training for health, education and care professionals

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Need sensory training for your team?    


Team training for organisations and groups - online or in person

I know it can be hard for everyone to access basic Sensory Integration training, and so I am delighted to offer affordable training sessions bought-in for your team, organisation and charity.  Usually I can adapt the content to focus on your team's priorities and needs for no additional cost - and my intention is that everyone who comes on a training workshop, no matter their level of previous knowledge and experience with sensory issues, will have practical strategies they can put into practice the very next day.

Understanding the Sensory Integration underpinning to behaviour made all the difference to my own Speech and Language Therapy practice - once you recognise where sensory-based behaviours are creating the barrier to participation and learning, and have strategies to address that, it's a whole different ball game.  When that understanding is shared across all a client's contexts, with individualised, appropriate and low-cost strategies embedded into the daily routines, the effect on a person's ability to engage and take part can be transformational.

I am Amy Stephens. I am a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist and Advanced Practitioner in Ayres Sensory Integration with more than 20 years clinical experience supporting clients across the lifespan in a wide range of clinical settings.  I have also trained in the DIR Floortime, SOS Feeding and Sensory Attachment Intervention - approaches underpinned by the core principles of sensory integration. I am a lecturer for Sensory Integration Education, the UK training body for SI professional training, and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists’ national Clinical Advisor in Sensory Integration.  I split my time between lecturing, clinical work and mentoring, and I am currently writing a book on Sensory Strategies for Deaf Children. 

Understanding the sensory integration aspects of some individual's difficulties with engaging and participating in what they want and need to do in their day can unlock so much potential, and I am committed to sharing my SI knowledge as widely as possible through high-quality, evidence backed, affordable training.

What training does your team need in order to include and support individuals with sensory processing challenges which are creating a barrier to engagement and participation?  Contact me to talk through your training priorities.

Guide price for online training with up to 70 participants starts at £450 for half day depending on your training requirements.

Team Training: Sensory Integration in the classroom
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