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Magpie Minds

A complete suite of support and skills training for Allied Health Professionals with ADHD.  Whether you're looking for a warm and supportive community to help you body double through notes and admin; or for a fantastic and tailored low-cost group coaching plan; or for one-to-one help and inspiration to implement strategies that work in your clinical practice, Magpie Minds is the where you need to be.

Come on in and join the gang!

Admin Power Hour - Wednesday afternoons, term time
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Welcome to the Magpie Minds Focus Hour - we'd love you to join us.

What's on offer? A supportive, zero-cost gathering online every Wednesday afternoon during UK school term time only for AHPs with ADHD. We're not just doing admin together; we're building consistency, productivity,, self-understanding, and mutual support.


Our Session Flow:

  • Warm Welcome and Check-in (4:45 pm).  Arrive, share your session goals, and feel the collective energy. This initial touchpoint sets the stage for an hour of focused productivity, enveloped in camaraderie.

  • Dedicated Focus Time (5 pm on the dot).  Engage in two 25-minute sprints of pure focus, separated by a 5-minute breather. Whether it's the calming influence of music through headphones or the silent solidarity of your peers, find your zone and flourish.

  • Community Spirit. With our virtual team room, we encourage keeping cameras and mics on when possible. It enhances the sense of togetherness and accountability. Missed the mark in the first sprint? The second one offers a fresh start, no fuss or apologies necessary.

  • Essential Movement Break. We advocate stepping away from your screen after the first focus sprint. A little stretch or walk can work wonders.

  • Gentle Closure (6 pm). We round off with a brief reflection on our progress. It's a moment to acknowledge our efforts and the support that made them possible. 


Why Join the Focus Hour? Because it's more than an admin session. It's a commitment-free opportunity to harness the strengths of the Pomodoro Technique, Body Doubling, and the Hawthorne Effect, all within a community that champions your success. And the best part? It's entirely free. Regular attendance not only boosts your productivity but also fosters habit formation, providing a foundation for lasting change.

Beyond Productivity. Imagine closing your Wednesday with a lighter load and a fuller heart, knowing you've not only advanced through your tasks but also connected with a circle of peers who cheer you on. The Magpie Minds Focus Hour is your weekly pause from the hustle - a space where achievements are celebrated, and every attempt is applauded.

Ready to embrace a new way of working? Join our Magpie Minds Focus Hour . Let's tackle those daunting tasks together, in a community that uplifts and understands, one focused hour at a time.

[Discover more about the science-backed techniques we embrace here.]

Find what works - Monthly group coaching session
Pay-as-you-go £19.99 per month.
Business Meeting

Meet your potential with monthly Group Coaching for AHPs with ADHD.   Our monthly group coaching is a stepping stone towards finding the specific tools and strategies that work for you in your clinical setting, and helping you to get them in place and running consistenly.

What's in Store? Every month, we target an area of clinical professional life that truly matters to AHPs. Be it wrangling your files and casenotes into submission, juggling a hefty caseload, or safeguarding precious time for your CPD, we're on it. Together, we'll sift through a curated list of strategies and gadgets, zeroing in on those that will genuinely make a dent in your day-to-day.

How We Roll

  • Curated Selections. Ditch the info overload. You don't need more options, you need to know about the ones that work - and to talk to people who are already using them. We've done the legwork to bring you a streamlined selection of strategies and tools that pack a punch.

  • Hands-On Experimentation. We’re all about putting ideas into practice. Plot out experiments in your own professional landscape, apply newfound knowledge, and unearth what genuinely clicks for you.

  • Monday Morning Check-ins. Kickstart your week with our check-ins every Monday morning. These touchpoints are your friendly nudge towards success and consistency, keeping you aligned and ready to celebrate every win, no matter the size.


The Heart of Our Group.  Our sessions are steeped in warmth and positivity, cultivating an environment where every member shines. Here, shaming and excuses are out the window—only empathy, backing, and hearty cheers. It's about bolstering each other, sharing victories, and navigating hurdles without an ounce of judgment.

Why Tag Along?

  • Bespoke Topics.  Each session is meticulously designed with the unique hurdles of AHPs with ADHD in mind to ensure the most value for your commitment of time.

  • Tangible Outcomes. Through practical application and steadfast accountability, you'll get into your professional groove and be able to track how things are starting to flow more easily.

  • A Network of Colleagues. Connect with fellow AHPs who share your experiences and challenges, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support.


Eager to Refine Your Workday? Leap in and explore what works for you. Not just tools, but a path to transformation. And beyond a group, a neurotype affirming community where you're right at home.

Pay-as-you-go.  We are in this to support and build a community of UK and Irish AHPs with ADHD.  We know full well that if you sign up for a year,  you'll forget about it along with all the other sneaky subscription renewals that are keeping you broke.  So pay as you go to keep your commitment to yourself front and centre.

Your journey to mastering your professional life understanding where your ADHD is an asset instead of a disadvantage starts here. Let's navigate the path to success together.

One-to-one Support and Mentoring

If you're at a transition point in your professional or personal life, or feeling overwhelmed or stuck - or just want to think through your options with someone outside the situation - I would be delighted to support you as an ADHD Coach and Clinical Mentor.  Drop me a line using the link below, and let's talk.

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