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Ruth Jones discusses the journey of supporting individuals with Autism, with practice based evidence strategies for assessment, intervention and measuring progress across a range of clinical profiles on the Spectrum.

Charity donations

It is our pleasure to offer you access to this great CPD free of charge - but we are also taking the opportunity to raise money for a charity close to the speaker's heart, and we invite you to make a small donation in recognition of Ruth's time and generosity.  St Leonard’s Hospice is an independent charity, providing specialist palliative care and support for local people with life limiting illnesses. In their relaxed and friendly environment, every patient is recognised and treated as an individual, supporting patients to enjoy the best possible quality of life.

Their care is free of charge to patients and their families but not free to provide. As a charity they rely heavily on the generosity of the public to raise just over £5.8 million each year to run St Leonard's Hospice. This equates to £663 for every hour of every day.   Your donation, no matter how small, is valuable. You can find out more about the charity here.


The link to make a donation is:

Guest speaker:

Ruth Jones              


Ruth is a speech and language therapist; her area of interest is Autism and complex needs. She has been working with children and young people with Autism since 2012 and has recently started out in Independent Practice. Ruth has a range of relevant courses to support working with individuals with Autism and regularly engages in CPD to support her on-going learning and development. Ruth’s guiding ethos for her work is that we need to be curious about what we observe and support each individual by using their own enthusiasms and interests in order to improve their quality of life

Core Values Activity:

Live Your Core Values: 10-Minute Exercise to Increase Your Success - TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis


Videos to Watch:

Comic Recreates Autism Spectrum - YouTube

Interoception: The New Topic in Autism - YouTube

What is Central Coherence in Autism? - YouTube

What is Alexithymia? (describing emotion) - YouTube

What are Executive Functions? - YouTube

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset on Vimeo

Clinical Psychology Explained - Formulation - YouTube


Articles /Books to Read:

Theory of Own Mind, interoception and managing your own emotions – AUTISM in CONTEXT (

The double empathy problem (

Uniquely Human

Theory of Mind and the Triad of Perspective on Autism and Asperger Syndrome: A View from The Bridge


The Essential Guide to the Autism Level UP Levels! – Autism Level UP!

Choosing Autism Interventions: A Research-Based Guide: Fleming, Bernard, Hurley, Elisabeth, The Goth: 9781910366769: Books

Autism and Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Karen Massey

Landmark report on evidence for interventions for children on the autism spectrum | Autism CRC

Coventry Grid (

Formulation Leaflet - DCP 2010 3 fold ( Free Downloads - CBT worksheets & leaflets


Good Podcasts:

21 and Sensory

Living a Sensory Life

The Autism Podcast

Ambitious about Autism

Uniquely Human



Intervention List:

The SCERTS® Model

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)® | Pyramid Educational Consultants UK (

Practical Help with Autism | Gina Davies Autism Centre

Jessica Kingsley Publishers – Jessica Kingsley Publishers - UK (

Resources (

Talkabout - Book Series - Routledge & CRC Press

Talking Mats | Improving communication, improving lives

NDP3 – For the management of Childhood Apraxia of Speech/Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia and other severe speech disorders

Strategies and interventions - SPELL (

What Is A Social Story? - Carol Gray - Social Stories

Home | TEACCH® Autism Program

Comic Strip Conversations

Core Vocabulary/Aided Language Stimulation (How I Do It: Using PODD books and Aided Language Displays with Young Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder : PrAACtical AAC)

Positive Behaviour Support

AAC – Check out Proloquo2go, Aided Language Stimulation, Smart Box, Liberator (the list goes on!)

Cat-kit (

Vocabulary Enrichment Programme, Victoria Joffe

Speechmark Cards

Teaching Children to Listen

Hanen Training and Resources

Takes Two to Talk

Social Skills Picture Book

Social Skills MeNU

Incredible 5 Point Scale

Schubi sequencing cards

Black Sheep Press – Narrative packs in particular

Lego Therapy

I am Unique

I Am Special

Mind Maps

St Catherine’s Interview Skills

Language for Thinking

Reading Between the Lines

Intensive Interaction - Fundamentals of Communication

What is the Low Arousal Approach? (

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